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Important! If your Credit Card or Debit Card is not being processed, please contact my support team at or text me at (623) 687-0976 and we can help you. Thank you!
If you want to hear more about me and what I'm providing watch the video above.
What you'll get from our private lesson
 A private Volleyball Lesson (60-90 minutes) where we'll get on the sand 1 on 1 and work on your skills
 Personalized insights on & recommendations on your warm up routine, drills you to do, bad habits to eliminate, help you move forward.
 Access to any of my resources that we discuss on the call that I think will help you achieve your goals...
 Christian has been coached by some of the best in the game and has coached with some of the best in the game
 Christian has been trying to play pro for over 8 years has 2 13th's on the AVP and one 9th on the NVL
 Only limited time from October 15th-December 20th
 Bonus For the first 10 lessons it is $97, then $127 and $147 so make sure you don't delay. Also buy in bulk for discount.
 Bonus 10% of each lesson booked will go straight to my favorite charity OUR.
Total VALUE: Priceless

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Frequently Asked Questions...
Where Are The Private Lessons Held At?
I do my private lessons at Victory Lanes Park. Shallow sand but we can still get some good work in.
How Long & What Does A Private Lesson Entail?
Typically my sessions last an hour and 30 minutes. 30 minutes for warm up body, volleyball and an hour to focus on skills, conditioning, fundamentals, mindset, whatever you want to work on
How Do I Know Christian Knows What He's Talking About?
Watch this video, Christian has been playing beach volleyball for over 7 years he started from the bottom qualified for the first time at age 18 in the NVL, has finished 13th (twice) on the AVP. Has been coached by a ton of the USA Volleyball coaches and knows the top players very well.
How Long Do The Lessons Last If I Buy Too Many?
So this is my first time offering this, you can use these lessons as long as you'd like, I normally spend April-September in California but can make exceptions. For my first time offering this I am only offering these lessons from mid October until the new year January 1 2020 So make sure you get you lessons in! 
I Have A Question.. How Do I Get Ahold Of You?
Email me at or shoot me a text or call at 623 687 0976 Thanks! | Copyright ©2019 | All Rights Reserved