Professional Beach Volleyball Athlete, Christian Honer 
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About Christian 
Professional Beach Volleyball Player
Hey thee my name is Christian Honer. I am current professional beach volleyball player. I was homeschooled my life and found volleyball late in my life self coaching until recently started investing in coaches more often and have learned a ton! Beach coached by some of the best beach volleyball coaches around. Very excited moving into 2020. 2019 was a successful year finishing 13th twice, but I'm hungry for a top 5 finish and that's what we're aiming for in 2020!

I've been playing beach volleyball for over 7 years this is my website I offer coaching ,online programs, training and my blog where I review things I've been using to enhance my performance.

Thanks for visiting you can receive my mini course How to side out better without working out harder. Lots of people have problems siding out and I wanted to give you a free course on it. Visit the free mini course with the button below. 

God Bless,

Christian Honer

Always offering online training programs (below) and currently offering in 1 on 1 private lessons. From October 12, 2019-December 12th, 2019. $100/hr
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First Time Ever Christian Honer is offering private lessons in the Arizona.
If you're looking to better your beach volleyball game from someone who has learned from experimenting himself, hiring coaches, playing for 7 years, finishing 2 13th's in 2019. I teach everything from the fundamentals to basic volleyball movements, warmups, passing, setting, side out training and lots of defense training. Looking forward to meeting you:)
If you don't live in Arizona and want some private coaching I do travel and can do online coaching, just contact me here. Online programs are listed below:
Looking to dial in your warmup? Want to know the movements I use before practice, matches or anything else. Checkout the Volleyball Warmup Masterclass how to warmup your shoulder, back, legs, lats, etc. Buy this video course below. 
Want to know the perfect volleyball practice plan? If you've got just one other person I've put together several drills you can do just with your partner or competitor. Hard to put in work without knowing what you should be doing. 
How to pass dimes, set dimes and side out with ease without having to find 3 others? Here's a video course that dials in my specific passing drills, setting drills and attack drills even if I had just my Mom at practice.
Friday Night Workout? Want an edge on your competitors join the tribe who is consistent and gets better on Friday night while others can't figure out what they should do.
Are you an athlete looking to figure out how to make money from being an athlete? I've got a course for you that can show you how you can use your super powers in your sport to make money from a simple funnel like this one.
I have all my practices and drills recorded and I have them all available for you to watch if you're interested in it it may help your volleyball journey. It's only $17 a month and it's constantly updated.
My mission is to help athletes quit alcohol if you're looking for support join our free Facebook Group below to find athletes like you looking to get sober. 
Are you an athlete that wants better performance? Come join these athletes pushing 30 days without alcohol to see the benefits. 
Are you an athlete that wants better performance and is willing to burn all boats and go all in on this sober lifestyle and become the best athlete you can!
If you're not ready to invest in your volleyball career try out the Mini Course I've put together I'm sure you'll be amazed with the amount of value in there. ($197 Value)
Join The Christian Honer Monthly Videos
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Thanks for Visiting My website if you ever have a question or suggestion feel free to contact me.
Who Is Christian Honer
Christian Honer is a professional beach volleyball player, trainer and coach. He started pursuing volleyball at the age of 17, now at 24 he's learned a lot through the trials. 
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